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Stretch Zone

Available to all Peak Performance athletes and families:

get your 1st session FREE plus a discount on future sessions when you mention "Peak Performance" or "Coach Sean."

As athletes we all need our muscles to have a full range of motion and flexibility to endure the constant strain we put our bodies thru playing our sport. The Stretch Zone is a great place to recover, rejuvenate, and get keep your body running like a well-oiled athletic machine.


GK Union

We are a top provider in goalkeeper gear. At GK Union we put the "fun" in functional sportswear. No matter what type of athletic wear you're looking for, with our unique goalkeeper glove designs we guarantee durability and quality in all of our products.

Visit our shop and get a discount on merchandise when you use code Lanigan123 at checkout.

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Known by leading clinics, hospitals, universities and professional sport teams since 1985, NZ Manufacturing provides high-quality and versatile resistive exercise tools for swim training, physical therapy, rehabilitation, sports training, and general fitness. We are extremely proud to say that our products continue to be made in the USA.

High school, collegiate and professional sports teams look to us to provide high-level athletic resistance products. Our patented Safety Super Bungie has resistance strengths up to 200 lbs. of pull! The TurfCordz® Safety Cord Tubing is used for strength and agility exercises and comes with a wide range of accessories which are all heavily padded for comfort and of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

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NZCordz Safety Cord Tubing

The S126 takes resistance training to the next level.  With six resistance options and 8 available lengths, Safety Cord Tubing provides a range that meets the resistance training needs of every athlete. 

​I typically prefer the 8ft length, but there are a variety of other lengths to best suit you.


NZCordz Super Bungie Belt

The BB308HD is a padded cinch belt with 2in/5cm metal D-ring.  One-size belt is 4.5in/11.4cm wide and adjusts to fit up to a 52in/1.3n waist. Interchangeable.

This individual belt is thicker and more padded than the one provided in the kit.


NZCordz Super Bungie Handle

Use the SBH independently or with a partner when an anchor point is unavailable. Sold as a single unit and is interchangeable. Individual Handle hooks directly onto the resistance bands.

Many of my clients prefer this handle and say it is easier for them to hold.

handle 2.jpg

NZCordz Safety Cord Sprint Belt Kit

The S115BK includes an 8ft/2.4m Modular tube with Safety Cord, mounting loop, adjustable ankle strap and two adjustable Velcro® 2in/5 cm wide waist belts that fit up to a 52in/1.3m waist. Available in black resistance level (20-45 lbs/9.1-20.4kg of pull) and is interchangeable.


Speed & Agility

Resistance Training Bands

Includes: Velcro Belt, 8 FT Bungie Cord, Nylon Handle & Bag